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The Third 

Tough & Tender

The Third Age and the Fourth Gender

Golden Years in Contemporary Art


Artists: Shay Aloni, Shirley Faktor, Max Ferguson, Tierney Gearon, Nava Harel Shoshani, Gil Haller, Reuven Kuperman, Ariela Plotkin, Giovanni Presutti, Silvia Razgova, Ora Ruven, Vicky Skandarion, Simcha Shirman, Elie Shamir,  Ruth Schloss, Annegret Soltau, Carmela Weiss, Ruth Weisberg, Etchi Werner-Nyiri, Manabu Yamanaka, Rona Yefman.


Curators: Sagi Refael & Ora Ruven


The exhibition deals with one of the most "disgusting" and least popular subjects in contemporary culture. The disparaging approach towards old age and the regard of the aging body as defeat, a withered mirror in the face of a culture that worships youth, made Ora Ruven and Sagi Refael take a stand. It is a first of its kind exhibition in Israel, which includes a variety of visual representations relating to old age, the changing body and the way society views these issues, made by Israeli and international artists.

However, current lifespan lengthened, and Long life quality improves. Aging, many times, becomes a new chapter in life, rich and full of activity. The Awareness of race last line approaching gives burst of energy to use and exploitation life time. Everything looks different.

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