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Tal Golani  Artist Statement

The unifying core of my paintings is characterized by large works that redefine the moment of encounter between the viewer and the potential arena of activity.

I draw inspiration from a wide variety of images, which create fantastic architectonic spaces that are open to interpretation.

When painting, I strive to create a metaphoric language that brings forward the gap between the internal and the external; between the real and the imaginary. The action of painting, which blurs familiar arenas of activity into empty spaces, is similar to directing without actors. I choose to create a detachment from what is expected from a social arena in order to evoke questions about place and temporarily.

I create abandoned theatrical arenas devoid of all activity. The characters occasionally appearing in my works are actually ghosts: extinct animals, hybrid creatures, and semi-transparent figures enhance tension and enigma in my works.

The large paintings surrounding the viewer are a playground of sorts, inviting him to engage in a new relationship and dwell on the border between what exists and what is possible. As he views the works, he is drawn into the empty space and may himself become a subject of observation, or the missing figure in the arena. The viewer himself is the object of critical study, and part of the event.

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