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Tal Ben Avi  Artist Statement

Ben Avi's art concentrates on esoteric and prosaic visions, but aspires to extract a distinct image out of them.
The photographic action tries to capture the image just before it disintegrates, just
before it becomes a texture, a surface.
Ben Avi’s art express the emotional contours of deserted spaces and desolate
landscapes, creating a geography of intimacy, loss, absence and sometimes an
eruption within the space.
Within this inner geography, the experience of wandering becomes a means of
exploring feelings of belonging or non-belonging, a yearning for a place that never
Ben Avi’s art describes objects and places that are not familiar or visually
identified, which require the viewer to stop and linger.
The strange and the unknown are reflected in the photographs in full and in vast
detail. This vastness contains traces of human contact and human presence in
retrospect. These residues, which do not contain human beings, enable
assimilation, submerging the subconscious, whether from the photographed
place or from the viewer's soul.

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