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Ronit Mirsky – Artist statement

My work has always revolved around the production of memory. I study the relations between memory, history and material both in terms of personal and collective memory. I am intrigued by the process of shaping memory, and interested in my role as an artist in this process. In my practice, I examine ways in which social and national identity is created, focusing on memorialisation and commemoration. By analysing memories and experiences of the past I demonstrate how these affect the future, how the past is being manipulated in the present, and how it is used in the battle for identity. 


In my studio, the act of making the work is as important to me as the work itself, as I try to copy the process of memory in my work. I see this as a never-ending process: thus I do not aim to offer a finished artwork but rather the process of creating the work becomes part of showing it, connecting visuality, materiality and the abstract concept of memory.  Working in a trial and error method, I do not aim towards an end point or a specific answer but rather I am opening  the process to a discussion, creating a dialogue with my viewers.

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