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Lee Barbu – Artist statement

In my work I try to examine object and meterials that construct the “Feminine”, as an experience as well as an esthetic.

I search for things in domestic and public spaces, in my own familiar history and in women around me and their lived experience. I wish to isolate the components that make for the common denominator that is “Femininity”.

Things we recognize beyond words, the instructions set in us as to how to be a woman, or even what a woman is.

In the base of how I approach things lies an archival approach. I gather findings and testimonies, trying to locate the subtext hidden within our shared experience. I mostly create work through photography, video and installation art.

My artistic practice started in the field of photography, and was deeply shaped by studying and practicing the medium.

In asking questions about gender in general and femininity in particular one finds herself inevitably raising questions about control, boundaries, restrictions, social constructs and traumas caused by these and more.

I wish to take these questions and refine them in to a body of work that allows them space and brings them to life, having a conversation with the viewer.

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