For the last six years I've being exploring "space".

My work comes from the naive desire to reach the stars.

It expresses a yearning for seeing from "here" to "there"-To those faraway romantic places that are mediated to as solely through machines. Objectively, behind the "aura", there are blur-images and pixels, not lot more.

For my process of painting is a journey of discovery starting with a well-defined painterly action and activate it mechanically. The act itself is generating what appears to be an image.

A hint of something that can be recognize. Yet it remains lacking, impenetrable and virtual, it remains a painting.

I find similarities between the journey to outer-space and the journey to the pictorial space.


The tension between the "lack" of the painting and the "appearance" represents the impotency and the inaccessibility of both actions. Nevertheless, the romance and the desire to claim the virginal landscape are there, and with them the questions of representation.